Toy Library

The Honeycomb Toy Library is a simple and affordable way to try out new toys and play with something new without adding to the collection of toys in your home.  The aim is to help reduce the amount of un-played with toys that end up in the landfill, and to make toys more accessible and affordable to the Grangetown community and beyond!

How it works:

To register you must come into the shop and sign the registration form and data protection form.

Registration costs £5 and with that you get a toy to borrow for a month.  Every toy you borrow after this costs £1.50, and you can borrow up to three toys at one time.  You can keep toys for a month, after which they must be returned or renewed.  A five pence per day charge is raised against any late returns.

Lost toys or damaged toys that cannot be played with anymore will need to be replaced by paying The Honeycomb a fee based on the trade value of the toy when it was purchased by the Honeycomb.

If a toy’s not working out you can swap it for no charge, though the new toy will be due back at the original borrowing date.

Any questions or to check out the library come on in to see us.  We’re more than happy to help in any way we can!