Toy Library

IMPORTANT!  Toy library toys must be borrowed and paid for during our stay and play sessions only.  The toy library catalogue is for viewing only.  DO NOT pay via the website!

The Honeycomb Toy Library is a simple and affordable way to try out new toys and play with something new without adding to the collection of toys in your home.  The aim is to reduce the amount of un-played with toys that end up in the landfill, and to make toys more accessible and affordable to the Grangetown community and beyond!

How it works:

To register you must come to the Wednesday stay and play at Grange Pavilion and sign the registration form and data protection form.

Registration is now free!  And each toy borrowed costs just £1 for a month!

Lost toys or damaged toys that cannot be played with anymore will need to be replaced by paying The Honeycomb a fee based on the trade value of the toy when it was purchased by the Honeycomb.

Any questions or to check out the library come on in to see us.  You can also view the catalogue of toys on the website, but this is for viewing only.  Toys can only be paid for and borrowed in the shop.