Our Philosohy

At The Honeycomb, we strive to be inclusive, sustainable, and fun.  

We think it is important that children see a reflection of themselves in the toys and books that they engage with, so that they feel connected to and accepted by the world around them.  We work to make sure that our products reflect our diverse community and embrace everyone.

Being sustainable is really important to us.  We work hard to source toys from sustainable and responsible manufacturers, and we run a toy library to cut down on unnecessary consumerism and encourage making thoughtful purchases.  We strive to provide toys that will last for generations, and not end up in landfills after a month’s use.

Lastly, we think that play and having FUN are central to a child’s positive growth and education.  We work hard to provide regular sessions that encourage play, creativity, and fun.  There are always toys available to play with in the shop, and art supplies to make use of in the crafty area.  We love to see kids enjoying themselves.